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Todd Sivers
The world is filled with incredible, amazing, extraordinarily strong and capable people who are absolutely certain they are average, ordinary, weak, and needy. 

God created you for a POWERFUL mission. You are PERFECT for your PURPOSE. But YOU have to be willing to commit yourself and WORK HARD to see it become real. 

Jeremiah 12:5 reveals a tremendously important truth about God's plan for YOU and YOUR MISSION...

"If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?"

Would you send someone who was unprepared and ill-equipped on an important mission? God won't either. 

Will you MISS OUT on the mission God made you for?

Let your fellow missionaries at Tent Makers Union surround you with the SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT you need to BECOME all God made you to be.

Welcome to the best of your life!

Over the past couple decades, I've helped thousands of people become personally confident, publicly connected, professionally competent, and phenomenally capable. 

I'm not one of those people who will sell you a book or a program and leave you hanging on your own. Everyone needs help making ANY information their own and determining what to do with it. 

I've dedicated my life to making that help available and affordable for anyone who truly wants to become more capable and powerful than they currently are.

So send me an email, connect with me on your favorite social site, call or text me.

I'm here for you. 

Send me an email at Todd@ToddSivers.com

To be honest, I'm not very responsive to email. If you have a digital product or link to send, this is a good way to do it but you should probably let me know to look for it!

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Are you...
...about what you DO every day?
...about your WORK?
...about your FUTURE?
...about your GOD-given PURPOSE?
Are you living at the CENTER of your GOD-given
Do you feel purposeful in your WORK?
...in your GROWTH?
Are you making...
...towards your BIGGEST goals?
Progress you can MEASURE and SEE?
Progress OTHERS can Recognize?
Progress that gives you PASSION for each day?
Take the
7-Day Faith Transformation 
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What people say...
Here's What Others Say About Todd
"Todd truly understands the principle of the Christian life. He is eager to help others to improve their walk with Christ. I believe him to always put God first and others second before worrying about his own needs. I always look forward to hearing his thoughts on any subject matter. Todd has a profound way of looking at Biblical matters and always provides food for thought for me. It is easy to see that he is a true student of God’s word."
"Todd has a way of understanding an individual's personality and how the Bible can relate to them in a way which makes sense in their lives. He is able to take complex parts of the Bible and make them easy to understand."
"In every situation, in every call, every letter, every e-mail, Todd has always responded with a perspective and a wisdom that has been exacting, truthful, and even sometimes painfully honest. I have found that Todd (first) took time to get to know me, (second) listened, I mean really listened! (A skill many people who "provide counsel" seem to lack.) and then (third) gave comprehensive advice, relating it in a personal way that made it easy to understand and to apply. His ability to "customize " while coaching and giving advice makes it that much more useful in real life application and retention for "later in life". I still fall back on many conversations we had many years ago."
"It's made a big difference for me to have Todd as a consistent input to my life. We have been meeting together for over a year, and I feel there's no comparison between who I was then and who I am now. He has helped me understand myself better, has helped me see more clearly in areas that I was overlooking, and has been an encouragement and motivation to me countless times. Moreover, I am on a path that I believe will bring me to much greater ministry and fruitfulness than I would likely have seen otherwise."
"I owe my life to Jesus, but He used Todd as a vessel to show His light and love. I can say that Todd was pivotal in my change, the direction my life has gone... and the lives generationally behind me that will be effected for His purpose."
"Todd truly is a servant who trusts in the Lord completely for his everything. He has given me great hope as a struggling Christian that he is someone I can trust to lean on, for; because of his own example of leadership, he has truly 'been there'. He turns to scripture and prayer for guidance, and is consistent in doing so. Todd listens, and most importantly, HEARS what others say, and takes it into great account, mirroring how feedback measures against scripture, and is careful to consider things deeply before making a judgement or decision. Most of all, he loves greatly with the heart of God, who shows mightily through him because of his transparency before his maker."
"Todd is passionate about seeing change in people's life and will do nothing less than follow it through until the end.

He is compassionate, caring, and wise.

 Through Todd I have grown spiritually in my walk with God and as a husband to my wife and a father to my children. "
"Todd has great insight. He has a unique gift of seeing both the whole picture along with the specific details of a certain situation. Todd's greatest strength is in his willingness to follow and coach from a Biblical perspective."

HURRY! The 7-Day Faith Transformation Challenge is starting SOON!

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